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About Us

CanUdle LLC is a woman-owned company that started out with the MISSION of providing FUN products. With the love of water, boating, swimming, family and friends, the idea came to us while we were at Norris Lake, TN. The temperature was 95 outside and we were wallowing in the water with our wimpy pool noodles and beers... plus some of us had red solo cups. As we all sat on our noodles, our hands were always having to hold a cup, a can, or a bottle and if someone wanted to splash water or wanted to dunk you, you know be the Jack Ass of the party, there was a Big problem. You either lost your beverage or you couldn’t swim fast enough away in order to save your beverage. Voila! The CanUdle was invented.

CanUdle is a perfect way to keep your beverage safe, cold, and have Fun while you do it. Our CanUdles are unique because they are the LARGEST, BEST and FUN pool noodles that hold a beverage and the BEST Party Noodle available today. A Pool waiter at your fingertips! We strongly believe that people should have Fun no matter what they do. We hope to provide that fun for you and your friends while in your favorite water place.

It was important to us to have our product made in America. Our North American partner is helping us maintain that goal.

We also wanted to have a Web Page that U can participate and be able to include photos, videos and WIN in contests and drawings. This is YOUR PAGE. Let’s see how over the top, CRAZY, CREATIVE and FUN U CAN make it.

Sometimes we all have a dream, doing something about it is up to each one of us. We are making a dream come true.

God Bless you and have Fun. Thank you for supporting us and buying AMERICAN!

Benefits of CanUdle

1. It's all about the can!
2. Have your own pool waiter at your fingertips at all times.
3. Oversized at 4.5" with 58" length with a CanUzie to hold your can.
4. You are never too Young or too old to CanUdle.
5. Perfect gift for that hard to buy for person.
6. Every pool and boat owner needs several to share.
7. Everyone will want to be U.
8. Three colors, Tangerine, Blue and Lime
9. It just screams fun!
10. Please drink responsibly. This is not a lifesaving device.