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Can Slammer

What is the Can Slammer?

It's not only a CanUzie; it's a beverage delivery device! The Can Slammer keeps your drink cold with the added ability to easily shotgun it. A must-have for tailgating, pool parties, a day at the lake or any other event where you might need a cold beverage. They make great gifts and are perfect for fundraising for your Club or organization.

How does it work?

The game is just about to start and you have almost an entire drink left. Sure, you can chug it as fast as you can, OR you can do it the easy way with Can Slammer! Simply load your preferred canned beverage into the CanUzie, pop the top, start drinking and press the button. You'll crush that can as fast as lightning! Can Slammer provides a simple and sanitary way to shotgun a drink!

Can Slammer Directions

Put can in CanUzie. Make sure it fits snuggly in CanUzie. Pop the top on the can. You can either drink it without piercing the can (you cannot slam it that way) or the next step: Push the Device!!! Drink from the can and once the hole is pierced, you must drink immediately and fast. You won’t have a problem with that 'cause the flow is crazy fast.

Disclaimer: We are NOT responsible for use of the Can Slammer in any irresponsible manner. We ask you to use this in moderation and to drink responsibly. We do not promote nor condone underage drinking or over-consumption of alcohol in any form. This is used as an entertainment product only. CanUdle is not to be held responsible or liable for any harmful acts in association with use of this product.

flowzie device is patented by fluidnmotion llc.

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